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Fall Season Update / Return to Play Action Plan

MPTLL Parents and Coaches,

As an update, Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation is allowing MPTLL to reserve the fields for fall play.  This is a significant step and will give us the ability to conduct our 2020 fall season.  Registration for the fall will close on Saturday, August 1st.  We anticipate practices to begin in early to mid-August, and the plan is to be playing games before the end of the month. 

In preparation for the season MPTLL has created our Return-To-Play Action Plan.  Please note our Return-To-Play Action Plan is being reviewed by Mecklenburg County’s Park and Recreation Department and therefore it is subject to change.  Details about the plan can be found on MPTLL's website.  Please familiarize yourself with the Return-To-Play Action Plan to make sure your player remains compliant throughout the season.

The Return-To-Play Action Plan addresses self-checks prior to arriving at the field, the sharing of equipment, the wearing of masks, the shaking of hands (not allowed), the use of the dugouts and bleachers, as well as other safety measures we are implementing.

MPTLL is offering tball, softball, coach pitch, machine pitch, minor league kid pitch, major league kid pitch, and Jr League (13 and 14 year old) kid pitch this fall.  If you still need to register your player, please sign up prior to August 1st at www.mptll.org/registation.

Thank you for your continued support of Myers Park Trinity Little League

Rich Little
MPTLL League President

by posted 07/29/2020


Field Status
02. Bissell Field - Charlotte TBD (8/8) 
03. Grier Heights 1 - Charlotte TBD (8/8) 
04. Kiser-Chapman - Charlotte TBD (8/8) 
05. Randolph Middle - Charlotte TBD (8/8) 
06. Naomi Drennan - Charlotte TBD (8/8) 
07. Field 11 - Charlotte TBD (8/8) 
08. Field 12 - Charlotte TBD (8/8) 
09. Founders - Charlotte TBD (8/8) 
10. Grier Heights 2 - Charlotte TBD (8/8) 
11. Keith Field - Charlotte TBD (8/8) 
12. Wade - Charlotte TBD (8/8) 
14. TBall 1 - Charlotte TBD (8/8) 
15. TBall 2 - Charlotte TBD (8/8) 
16. TBall 3 - Charlotte TBD (8/8) 
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