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MPTLL Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

MPTLL is suspending all league activities, effective 3/13. We made this decision in accordance with the recommendation that Little League International made on 3/16, as part of the effort to combat the COVID-19 virus. At this point, we hope to be able to resume as of May 11, but that will be determined based on future developments and the advice of public health officials. During this suspension, there are to be no league or team activities of any kind — no games, no practices, no team meetings. The suspension of all activities applies to regular season and challenge baseball and softball teams. We will notify everyone when any of those activities may resume. We are all frustrated and disappointed to have to take this step, but we are still hopeful that games can begin after this delay and that we can all enjoy MPTLL baseball and softball this Spring. We strongly encourage all players, families and coaches to observe the recommendations for individual hygiene that will retard the spread of the virus. MPTLL

by posted 03/13/2020
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Field Status
02. Bissell Field - Charlotte CLOSED (3/18) 
03. Grier Heights 1 - Charlotte CLOSED (3/18) 
04. Kiser-Chapman - Charlotte CLOSED (3/18) 
05. Randolph Middle - Charlotte CLOSED (3/18) 
06. Naomi Drennan - Charlotte CLOSED (3/18) 
07. Field 11 - Charlotte CLOSED (3/18) 
08. Field 12 - Charlotte CLOSED (3/18) 
09. Founders - Charlotte CLOSED (3/18) 
10. Grier Heights 2 - Charlotte CLOSED (3/18) 
11. Keith Field - Charlotte CLOSED (3/18) 
12. Wade - Charlotte CLOSED (3/18) 
14. TBall 1 - Charlotte CLOSED (3/18) 
15. TBall 2 - Charlotte CLOSED (3/18) 
16. TBall 3 - Charlotte CLOSED (3/18) 
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